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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  September 17, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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by newt. telling of all have your 7 day around the bay extended forecast and talk >> san bruno city officials said a large crater created by last explosion has been killed in. people who live in that area at tell da lin that sulindac reader will be normalcy. >> for the past year this use crater symbolized a
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constant reminder of the blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the crater measures 72 ft. long and 26 ft. wide. feed the san bruno city manager says the city had key to greater open so that the ntsb could finish its investigation. now that the investigation is done, they are ready to close that crater. >> people are rebuilding their houses and their lives. it is an opportunity to say a full recovery is now in place. the city plans to fill it up on tuesday. they are inviting nearby neighbors to pick up the shovel as well. just think about what happened and reflect on the others. >> it will be a sense of normalcy. the community he coming back together >> > many people agree it
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will be positive step forward but it also admitted killing a hole in the ground will not fill the void in the community. >> and now this are involved shooting in north beach least two bystanders in the hospital. just after 2:00 a.m. san francisco police officers located a suspect on the 400 blocks of broadway. according to police he pulled a weapon. officers fired at the suspect but did not hit him. there were two bystanders that were hit. there were taken to hospital and treated for injuries that are believed to be not life- threatening. if the suspect was taken into custody. if a 22 year-old man was killed in an early morning shooting today. happened at 30 to avenue and rivera street just after running in. officers found the victims' suffering from multiple gunshot was. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. there are no suspects in custody. >> all copies are warning
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residents about a rash of gold chain robberies. we will tell you who pawnshop owners think are the culprits outside in walnut creek. we will be right back.
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>> a rash of gold chain robberies in oakland has left at least one person dead. reports of those robberies are occurring every day. police are warning the community about this dangerous crime trend. pawnshop owners spoke with has the midian. they say getting all hold on these problems start with shutting down illegal buyers. >> illegal purchases are fueling oakland's recent spike in gold chains robberies. that is according to some pawnbrokers to see the connection is the high price of gold. it points out that typical gold chains
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like these could be worth over $1,000. check help some of these prices. this one, $1,399. there are laws involved in selling at all merchandise in the state of california. if selling gold to a license purchaser involves a 30 day process. they need a valid california id and allowed a contract with the pawnbroker. at the end of the 38. the oakland police department contacts the pawnshops electoral if the goal of the black market requires nothing but a seller.
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>> concord is we can't. we love did you from mount tam. >> very pretty despite the cloud cover. robinson is to get this morning to give us the latest on all we get whether. >> a lot of cloud cover, not just on the coast but throughout the bay area. walnut creek, concord and parts of the central valley. here is a live look outside. >> within the next few hours
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the fall will start to burn off and peeled back towards the close one. concord will be in the clear and livermore and clear by 10:00 a.m. but still there in san francisco. it will lead into the afternoon. did not worry about that it will eventually burn off and we will get sunshine up and down the coastline but it will not be too hot. mild temperatures on the coast and warmer weather inland. for the afternoon, take a look at your expected highs.
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your 7 day around the bay forecast, morning fog and afternoon sunshine. warmer weather each day as we continue through the work week. mchugh >> 30 leading the eighth of the road. third >> with everfifth thoughts new if brett path defect in
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fifth for 50rz >> >>
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prospec >> bath we are back at 7:30 a.m. here to tell you about the gun problem that appears to be getting worse. it has one bay area community very fearful. salian decisions have been involved in a pre- case is but it has gotten the attention of parents. >> i was shocked.
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>> when i heard i thought >> the thought of three key get to school. he did not need to go to that drastic plaza. talk to someone. >> i pray and hope that it >> >>
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>> we are back on called for his weekend. it is happening again. a church in antioch was traded again. copper exceeds the rate of the building for a fourth time in two months. st. ignatius
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catholic church. take a look at the location. charles clifford has reaction. >> i was really surprised. >> early thursday boarding the father got a call from a me dance or that the power was out at st. ignatius catholic church. if you look up here at the side, you can see the open in junction box where the cover was or rep dolphin. if for the fourth time in two months, copper thieves have rated the building. this time they made off with more than five regards of wiry and left >> we have good working in the dark for two days. they're not the only ones to look at problems with people stealing copper. >> the mormon church a few blocks over, the schools in antioch, the ball fields, the public parks, but they have been hitting all over town where they have simply
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got in and pulled the copper wire out. >> friday after the father had managed to restore power to the air conditioners in the chapel but the offices or still dark. he is looking to put up fences and like to keep would-be thieves away edibles lee hopes that whoever did this will not come back. >> we do forgive them for what they have done, but we ask that they do not do it again. they do have to be held accountable for their actions. >> charles clifford, a crowd for its >> . 7:44 a.m.. a live look outside. a beautiful shot from the golden gate. not a lot of traffic. >> beautiful day expected to work today. to buttress will climb into the upper 80s. a live look for the bay bridge care. --temperatures will
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climb into the upper 80s. sunshine not just on the coast but throughout the bay area. we have more to fog in afternoon sunshine. tomorrow is just as nice. the war that hit a. if the warm weather will continue through the week. each day will be war. to buttress an early battle climatological '90s. costs by 90, very little fall. the expected highs. and i
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stayed for wine country as well. the rest of the bay, low-eighties. here is your 7 day around the bay forecast. your extended forecast looks pretty good for september. wednesday will be a peak day. after that we will start to call back down. >> time for the crown for tech report gabe slate. >> there is a new tablet on the market. the sony tapped s. it is a 9.5 vegetable oil android tablet. it is great for gaming. if each is a popular play station type games. sony is taking on apple and the idea had by putting this tablet out there that is radically different. a very different design. other tablet's out there look the same but this would shake set up. it features a magazine type of asphalt at the back. it is
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ergonomic redesign it to carry and use for long periods of time.
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>> coming up on the ground floor is weekend, the giants won again, but is it too little too late? >> here has the highlights coming up in sports. if >> let's take a live look outside. >> we will be right back.
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>> the battle for the republican presidential nomination is heating up. rick carey and mitt romney. >> in the main event for the gop nomination comes down to rick perry and mitt romney. stand back. just yesterday legacy of massachusetts got worse. if >> in iowa dairy is laying
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into romney's health care plan. he concluded the program has cost the state $80,000. a finding their from the aids cause deeply flawed. if get between you and your doctor. whether it is passed in massachusetts or washington d.c., it is bad medicine and it needs to be stopped. >> from the is still swinging on social security. the poll found 40 percent of independents or more will hoarded general election. >> it is not a ponzi scheme. social security has worked for 75 years pretty well. >> perry is not backing away from the comment. >> kids know the pain into something that is not there
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and to this future is a ponzi scheme. >> after losing her heavyweight status, michele bock is looking for a knockout in regards to att and vaccines for texas school girls. >> whether it is called old momma care for parry care, any governor or president who mandate's a family's health care choices if fight is for attention. >> this same goes for jon huntsman to was hoping an endorsement for for term pennsylvania governor will attract moderates.
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>> the tigers did something they have not done in the quarter of this and >> tree. the giants have a little bit of breath left in colorado. giants fans all over the place. their egos. his seventh home run. a 100 career ride for cody ross. a hamstring injury. he could miss a week. madison baumgartner. after starting the year is 0-6 he is now at 12-12 in the kids when the back. right now bob gardner, the giants won five. dairies diego. the highest-paid pitcher in history came in to mop up when it was nine- one. he pitched a scoreless
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ninth period the giants and the diamondbacks. the giants are 5 back in the wild card and six back in the west with 11 games to play. a lot of things going on today in the oakland coliseum. star wars night. they had fireworks. 31,000. the score was tied 1-1 and look what happened. a power outage. you have fire trucks, star wars i and delights for 16 minutes. her act this night, a lot of strange things. detroit wrapping up their division. jose bob verdi, his 47th consecutive save. tigers or when a three-one. they celebrated a little bit at the coliseum tonight.
7:56 am
their first division title since 1987. the tigers are got a run 23-5. there they are. there will be a lot of guys coming over to mark. >> and there will be a lot of hangovers in the detroit dugout >> . still to come in this a day and hour, a lot more news including what they are saying about the hair stylist that crashed in toledo.
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>> this is the crown's board is at 8:00 a.m.. >> hello everyone, welcome
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back. reno officials say the 74 year-old stunt man who crashed his plane at the airshow is in good health. >> from denver, this has the least shaking their heads. the case of a dead man and his two friends who drove the body around while they stopped for drinks. >> sounds like a movie.
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data sought fromthis guys are so clear. >> let's check in with robin winston and your forecast. >> the forecast is slowly starting to clear. from the mount tam can the north bay is still pretty fog. we are seeing a clearing in san francisco. in the east bay, we have some clearing. oakland sunday with 70 degrees expected. it might even be a little bit warmer. livermore, 83. in the south bay upper seventies. nice and sunny in san jose. a nice day in the bay area. we have to get through the fog
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and low clouds. look at the current conditions. fifties throughout the bay area with the exception of a couple cooler spot. as we look ahead today, morning fog and afternoon sun. sunday, a similar conditions but eight had been war. if we will see a gradual warming as we continue through the week. upper 90s. that is good news for the bay area, especially for the month of september. a look at fault tracker. vallejo, concord and oakland. the south bay is ok, the north bay is looking good but the media east bay will be covered at least until around 10:00 p.m.. if by then will he eventually see the clouds prospected the coast. the good news is the fall will burn off by 3:00 p.m. with is what did or police the hour after did highs. set aside up and down the coast.
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look at future cast. mostly fifties and sixties bored the most part. the '50s and '60s will be replaced by '70s and '80s. if nice weather expected throughout the bay area. by degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. >> this is a scene that will be relived in the minds of these people. amateur photographers captured the dramatic seconds before, during and after this deadly plane crash yesterday added air show in reno, nevada. the plane disintegrated of impact shooting debris into the crowd and injuring many >> . this aborted the pilot and two spectators are dead. 50 people were injured. the pilot is 74 year-old jimmy lee worked for florida. he is a better movie stunt
8:03 am
pilot. if the world war two era fighter plane that the 51 mustang slightly toward last evening grass in did edge of the grandstand. happened last night during to reno air races. reticle are explains how investigators are trying to explain what happened. >> his medical records or up to date in spot on. he was a very experienced and talented pilates. >> we slow down the deal as the plane nosedived into the stands and smashed into pieces. witnesses describe what they saw. >> something dustin broken. the plan still wobbling. it cannot get it started heading toward stance.
8:04 am
>> looked like he was pulling harder to get laid as far away from the stand as possible. >> it was added to possible ago, slightly above article. it was all brown smoke. >> i saw a lot of people standing in shock looking around. if the cable over the loudspeaker and asked people economy, stay where you are. turn your children away. it was very horrific sight. a lot of blood and catastrophic injuries, as you might expect. a >> if america is a responses rushed to help victims that were hit by parts of the plate as it exploded on impact. debris was scattered everywhere. if this is what the plane looked like before the crash. it was called the
8:05 am
galloping ghost. built during world war two. it had clipped wings for racing. if >> we are as fast as anyone in the field or maybe able faster. >> reggie kumar, kron4 is. >> cameras or rolling from many angles. people behind bill lenses and watching the rates of fold and as the plane crashed to the ground. this picture was snapped blitz before impact. watch and listen as one temperatures photographer sees the explosion. many try to figure out what happened. >> all my god! did you see
8:06 am
that? he crashed. holy! by >> 15 people considered in critical condition, 13 in serious condition and 285 for all but three injuries. stay with kron4 is as we continue to cover the deadly airways plane crashed. will the updates on our web site at page. >> an officer involved shooting in san francisco
8:07 am
this morning least two bystanders in hospital. just after 2:00 a.m., said fiscal police located a suspect in the quarter blocks of broadway. he ran from officers and pulled it up according to police. officers fired at the suspect did not hit him. door to bystanders that were hit. there were taken to hospital to be treated by injuries and not believed to be less threatening. the suspect was taken into custody. in the sunset district a 22 year-old man was killed in shooting earlier this morning. that happened at 36 rivera's street just after 1:00 a.m.. the victims' suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. there are no suspects in custody. >> still to come on kron4 is the dance, an officer involved shooting in san jose. >> will take a live look outside and six assists go where the sun is out and the clouds are breaking up. it looks like this are a great day. we will be right back.
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>> michelle le disappeared from kaiser hospital back in a. the family is getting help from the class kits foundation. the family's staple for this support. >> we are working in cooperation with the hayward police department and the district attorney's office. >> tell as the bond has
8:12 am
arrested in connection with her death. she's a former high school friend. dna of michelle was found on a issue of giselle escobar. >> an investigation ditties into it all starts are involved shootings and as a. accede to the fire on a pair of suspects wanted in connection with a stolen vehicle. the mantle left side of the screen calls was hit in the back and hospitalized with not life- threatening injuries. the man on the right was not injured. >> my husband heard the
8:13 am
shots. >> it was scary. you do not know what happened. >> the officers were a part of the auto theft task force. they were telling the stolen mustang as a part of a larger operation. >> another twist in the case of joseph nee so. he will represent himself in this case. he asked for public defender and then changed his mind.
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>> a quick look outside this morning. >> this is the approach to the bay bridge. >> it is still great out there but another nice day expected for the bay area. sunshine as soon as the fog and low clouds pulled back to the coast. right now it is boggy even inland. mild temperatures along the coast. mid-60s, seventies and upper 80s on the inland
8:18 am
valleys. a look at what you can expect for the morning. the warmer in the south bay for places like morgan hill and los gatos. in the north a pretty nice as well. if we are experiencing a warming trend that will continue to the middle of the week. police in the colorado have not seen a case like this, a
8:19 am
man finds his were the dead and takes the body for a joyride. >> the man avoiding eye contact is a property young. he found his roommate and friend is dead inside their home in denver. did he call police or call someone else for help? he did not. instead police say he called this man. his pal. they loaded the dead body into his as you the and hit the road to have some fun. they stopped to have drinks using is that the car while his friend was dead in the truck. for some reason they decided to drop the body back at the house before the next stops.
8:20 am
>> the rock band fu fighters, last night their concert was picketed. the band decided to keep protesters a dose of their own medicine. they rolled up on a truck in gave a performance dressed as uc there. >> still to come on kron4 is weak and we're going to turn things over to henry. ha >> bill clinton says that he
8:21 am
is a the end. you can be a vegetarian and still have a delicious food and be healthy. if held
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>> it is called the law.
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>> is what it does look like after it is tested. 1 c. of tea a lot to every 2 c. of water. can could get in and just add your sleep brings. this is a carry quinoa salad with cranberries, apples and walnuts. perfect for the fall. once we have tested it with the three, we add olive
8:26 am
oil, extroversion. we also add a crisp apple. >> the key one gives the texture and extortion? >> q. why is a very good source of protein. excellent for vegetarians. >> this is similar to older week. italy cuts in 18 minutes which is really wonderful.
8:27 am
that is the theory that is my recipe. that is one of many fresh and fast things are better vegetarian. >> fresh, fast and delicious. if you would like to check out murray since-- marie simmons. october 3rd of october 18th in san to take a. if >> i will be teaching classes. i'm very excited. it will be a lot of fun. there are many delicious dishes in my book. >> >> what is it called again? >> keep what.
8:28 am
>> data for joining us. >> we're taking a break. what we come back we'll talk about cuts in education and what you can do to help your child. @p@po'
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>> welcome back to the kron4 is weekend. last summer california experienced the most incidents of lippincott in decades. the california legislature ordered that all public schools, all students must be vaccinated. >> make sure the kids are getting their booster shots. kids who are not inoculated after september 30th will be excluded from school. >> some schools are making
8:31 am
every effort to get all their students vaccinated. meantime in stanford's as those that have not had the will to called ataxia are being kept out of the cross all--classroom. >> at san francisco's washington high, not everyone was in class. students who did not receive a whopping cough booster shot were not allowed to attend. >> it is a state law. it requires all students in grades 7-12 to get a booster shot from will be called. >> of the 24,007 dustin old craters, a 2000 bill to get feedback seen by the thursday deadline. poor reporter >> there are several clinics in this city. we have a flyers to give them. >> unfortunately state funding is based in part on attendance. when students are turned away, still or
8:32 am
state dollars. if for those students is to have not gotten the vaccination cover the school district is called talking parents and guardians of a daily basis. kaiser permanente hospital is bracing for a busy week. jeb bush explained what the strike is about the >> . labor negotiations have stalled to kaiser and the national union of health care workers. the representing 15 psychology workers in california visit the medical giant is not maintaining proper staffing levels.
8:33 am
>> they have offered nothing but cutbacks. any patient care issue that we bring up lee are told that they are not >> kaiser officials issued a statement. >> in sanford says go, jeb bush, the kron4 is. >> overcast skies on the bay bridge.
8:34 am
>> mild conditions. low clouds at all. in san francisco, mostly cloudy. we're starting off with patchy fog. as we continue through the week the fog will not be so widespread. patty fog and low clouds over san francisco, the coast and oakland. will
8:35 am
have briggs in sunshine and up and down the coast. mostly fifties and sixties throughout the morning. if
8:36 am
8:37 am
van ness avenue did ... enter
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> if near terrell designed tools in policy cephalopod exhausted but problems per additional funds to hospitals and by extending hospital quality assurance. this will raise 7 billion in revenue and bring in an additional 6 billion in federal money-saving the state. the extension on metical is expected to extend revenue and bring in 300 million and a federal money. >> a newly released white house internal e-mail
8:40 am
discusses the possible damaging impact of cylindrical loan default. the mill was set by a budget official in january. the official was agreed that the deal your excellent for the damage of bomb was reelection campaign. >> tiffanies laid me a movie called connected, the positive in the twitter of the internet. we are doing that and a new movie that is so bad they should pay you to see it. that is all coming up.
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>> we are back on the kron4 this weekend. here's a look outside for about tam. a pretty shop. the skies and sunshine above the overcast. >> plenty of blue skies.
8:44 am
suns had expected for the bay area. a nice day and cool. fog and low clouds. a nice day expected to the bay area tam is getting into the upper 80s. trend into war throughout the week. '70s and '80s the most of the south bay. in the east bay 91 and walnut creek. a ninth degree reading in pittsburgh. some cooler spot like livermore, 88. for the east bay stores, mild. it will have some mild conditions out there along the coast. the fall later got the coast. we will see some breaks of sunshine. if did not expect anything to
8:45 am
hot along the coast. san francisco, a pretty mild. '70s 80s per out the north a. plenty of sunshine. fairfield and vallejo getting up to its 86. nice weather for polymath as well. see here is your 7 day around the bay forecast. >> but things are changing.
8:46 am
>> tell as playing in san francisco, east bay and it was made by a filmmaker, on every level. she made this one. it did initially. >> big to for having me. if >> what made you want to do this movie? >> i have always been interested in what it means to be connected. with all of this technology that question is even more relevant. what does that mean personally and globally? the film also has a personal aspect. >> will was that? >> i was making a film about being kicked in the 21st century. my father was diagnosed with brain cancer during the middle of production. here i was mickey a film about connected this bill was not thinking about the most well-connected as. it is part will be part documentary. it will really
8:47 am
did you think about it in your own life. it has been really exciting, the response to the film. >> i want is a bill to see this. she is involved in cancer research. to make you laugh and cry. we want to get people talking. >> there is a generation that lives on being connected and is not in now. the good news is that in your of you explain why there is hope. >> people talk about
8:48 am
technology as if this support for ross. it is us. it is an extension of our need to connect and get more information and of all. let's be conscious and talk about how we can make this better. >> but the movie is called connected. it is a most of all, 58. tiffany slaying brought it to us. look for it. connected. >> here is a movie not worth seeing. she sets a working mothers back of hundred years. sarah jessica parker plays a working mother of two in love with her job. the the one bright spot bolivia 9 is a quick said it into superwoman's fold
8:49 am
the world. it is a sick kid evil film. it is not entertaining. it is phony and says to the audience did not hire women. women will never be able to do the job that men do. it demonizes a working woman in a way that is unbelievably 6. --sick. >> right now playing, here are some ideas of things to see. connected. worth the money. mozart sister, definitely see that. i did not know that mozart had a sister. there are so many more things to talk about. did not forget tonight, diana ross is playing. if there are still a few tickets available. i saw her last night and i am seeing her again tonight. she is that good. the marin county civic center. think you
8:50 am
collectivity. keep up the good work. this is a wonderful film. >> we have heard of no hats, but not even a bicycle [northlaughter] >> it is always best to remind ourselves that there is humanity in began, we just have to look for. still to come, all we have had three. >> travel or bill locker had some startling statistics about state education. income in the state the lowest spending since 1970. the to the author of how to two-year old child coming up the kron4 weekend.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> or acne crisis years. at
8:54 am
she is a tutor at a school in washington d.c.. one of the most renowned schools in the nation. my kids probably did not want me to to do that. how do you get involved and help your kids? >> there are a couple of different ways to work with a child. this is a sit down at a desk official to bring session and there is more informal type of to bring were gorgeous interacting with your child on a daily basis. >> give me an example. >> tell me the most interesting thing you learned in school today? >> nothing is very interesting. nothing. >> tell me the least interesting. >> capt. list. >> i am a parent. i do not know calculus. how do i help? >> even if you know nothing
8:55 am
about calculus, you can be an expert in finding other experts for your child and finding appropriate resources. it might mean that you go to a librarian and find study guides. it could be the you use online resources. your child kentucky through notes for the day. the process of talking through the notes could be enough to spark your child's memory. >> i used to have my kids teach me because i'll tell them, i did not remember. >> reversing roles can help. what you're teaching, your morning in a new way. >> one thing the say is attitude is tremendously important. you are not a tutor, you are a parent. >> it is very important to state called as a parents, even if your child has a weighted to the last and
8:56 am
that hit. if the state, and help them come up with the plan, that makes a big difference. that is the way professional tutor would react. >> emotionally distance yourself >> . exactly. you also talk about modeling, how you could help your kids by showing them how to do better >> . absolutely. if you show your child the your passionate about party and that you are indeed interested in hearing the news of the day, maybe talk to talk about what you are reading. are you reading provide? does your child see that? he can show that you are engaged in learning. >> class let us suppose that you did not know cup delays or chemistry. dos friends ask friends to tutor their kid >> ? absolutely. if your friend is somehow knowledgeable about a subject if you are not, you can absolutely as your
8:57 am
friend to work with your title. this book is great- grandparent's. it can give them tips on how to speak with their grandchildren and how to engage them when they're interacting. , news online. it needs to point about.
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8:59 am
>> will go back to our third live our of the kron4
9:00 am
>> there is a massive recall >> we are the ones to talk about what is funny with a couple of comics. it is a national comedy competition going on. we are talking about what is hot and what is funny also what is out there. and in what is so bad that it got no hats. >> in some ways chardonnay is a cliche. a line educator is here to tell us about the new trends in what is probably the most popular wine around. it is california wine month. >> let's take a live look
9:01 am
outside and see if the fog is feeding. the freeway in the longer looks great. he can still see some of the heavy fall. >> let's find out the forecast for the rest of the weekend. >> mostly sunny skies expected for the bay area this afternoon. we have some lingering clouds and fall. it will burn off and we will have a nice day in the bay area. if let's take a look at guard temperatures. 59 degrees, 68 by noon. we will get up to 74 for your afternoon high. the warming trend kicks in today for the bay area. coastal and baseball expected this morning. temperatures range from '60s on the coast to '70s and '80s around the bay. a look at current conditions. here is look at
9:02 am
what you can expect through the morning. coastal and they fall. combine all pulled back to the coast. temperatures will get up into the upper 80s. tomorrow will be in another nice day. war dead today. patchy fog and sunshine. the warming trend will continue through the week to wednesday. continued warming in the very few clouds and fog for your early morning hours. i will have more on your extended forecast and what you could expect for your work week. i will see you back here shortly. >> of that horrific scene is
9:03 am
played over and over again. the pictures are difficult to watch. amateur photographers captured the dramatic seconds before, during and after a deadly plane crash at an air show in reno, nevada. the plane disintegrated on impact. many or >> injured. the pilot and two spectators are dead. 56 people are injured. the pilot is a 74 year-old jimmy lee ordered from florida. fee is a veteran movie stunt pilot. this was the airplane. in world war two era fighter plane flown by lee board. it crashed into the stands. a hugely popular of that. reggie kumar explains how investigators are trying to the droid exactly what happened. planes flew past the stands going hundreds of miles an hour during an air race. s. officials say the plane was having mechanical
9:04 am
problems and the pilot, a 74 year-old jimmy lee were lost control of the aircraft. his medical records are up-to- date and spot on. he was a very experienced and talented, qualified pilot. we slow down the video as it nosedived into the stands. >> looked like he was pulling hard, trying to get the blame to go as far away from the stands as possible. >> it twisted and times. there was brown smoke. >> i saw a lot of a bloody people. people standing in
9:05 am
shock. they came over the loudspeaker and asked people to not come down, to stay where they are and not get in the way, turn your children away. it was a very direct site with a lot of blood and very catastrophic injuries. >> emergency responders or rice to help victims after the plane exploded. debris was everywhere. this is what the p 51 mustangs looked like before the crash. it was called of the galloping ghost. if built during world war two. it had clipped wings. lee was interviewed a day before the crash. he >> we are as fast as anyone in this field. maybe a little faster. >> thanks to his moves, that saddam probably saved a lot of lives according to eyewitnesses. cameras are rolling from many angles.
9:06 am
many were watching the race on fold. this picture was snapped moments before impact. stay with kron4 news as we continue to cover the deadly air races plane crash. we will have updates on our website anticipates. an officer involved shooting in north beach least two bystanders and the hospital. just after 2 this morning san francisco police officers located the suspect, 400 blocks of broadway. he ran from officers. officers fired at the suspect when he pulled a weapon but did not hit him. the suspects were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries which are believed to be in non-life threatening. if the suspect has been taken into custody. a 22 year-old man was killed in the shooting early this morning at 35th avenue and rivera's street just after 1:00 a.m.. officers found
9:07 am
the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wants. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. there are no suspects in custody. >> a massive recall of the birth control pill that could affect millions of women around the country. >> traffic is moving nice and easy this morning and skies are clear. hell
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> a massive recall or control pills is underway. more than a half-dozen brands. as catherine even reports, the problem is not with the pills, it is the packaging. >> here are the brands involved marketed by a georgia company. for the packaging is similar and so is what is inside. six pacts with a month's supply of pills. each row represent one week. if three weeks of active spills with contraceptive hormones and one week of a reminder pills
9:11 am
without hormones. if the company says some of the packages had the skills and the wrong sequence. the result is women may not be taking the active pills on the day they most need them. they may think they are safe from unwanted pregnancy when they are not. catherine he did, kron4 news. >> that same packaging error obscures' the lot number and expiration date making it an easy to read. >> still ahead, bay area nursing is threatening to go on strike. we'll explain which hospitals will be affected.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> we are back on the kron4 is a weekend. san francisco, what a beautiful start to the day. robin winston has a
9:15 am
full check on the weather. >> low clouds and a fall slowly starting to clear. by 11:00 a.m. the east bay will be in the clear. take a look at oakland, san francisco and san bruno. the fall will linger until the afternoon. if we will get some breaks in sunshine by 3:00 p.m.. very nice highs at least into the mid '80s. nice weather expected for the bay area. let's take a look at the neighborhood by neighborhood. '70s and '80s. feed 76 expected in sunnyvale. 88 in livermore. 90 in pittsburgh. warmer in union city and fremont. the beautiful weather is plenty of sunshine. san francisco, 68 degrees. '70s and '80s throughout the north a. 86
9:16 am
expected for fairfield. let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast believe the warming trend continues. nice weather. 80s inland. >> kaiser permanente hospital is breaking-- bracing for a hectic week. and upcoming strike is and what the company plans to do in order to maintain service for patience >> . labor negotiations have stalled between kaiser and the national union health care workers. it represents about 1500 psychology workers and says the medical giant is not maintaining proper staffing levels. they are getting support from another union. the heavy hitting california nurses association. their ranks are around 17,000 statewide. the
9:17 am
largest work stoppage in keizer history. that will mean picket lines and shouting. they just want what is best for the patients. >> they have offered nothing but cutbacks. they have not talked about staffing issues. they have not talked about any patient care issues. >> this strike is scheduled from the 21st-23rd of this month. they issued a statement to kron4. kaiser says that they will do their best to keep scheduled appointments for patients and said that kaiser is well prepared to continue providing high-quality health care and service which is always a first priority. >> next on kron4 news weekend, let's check in with
9:18 am
>> henry. chardonnay is the most popular wine in america. i am told by our experts, it is the most manipulated wine in america. there is a new trend, a pure style the you like. that is coming up on kron4 news weekend.
9:19 am
9:20 am
9:21 am
>> we are celebrating california line model with a tasting of chardonnay. the last 15 years or so there was a thing called abc. that stood for anything but chardonnay. all chardonnay pretty much started tasting the same. >> there is a typical california style. i think we have changed a lot. there is a new trend. different styles. we have the vines in
9:22 am
the ground a lot longer now. >> that buttery style is well and fine. >> we have different styles right here. this is a wonderful wine. one of the things about these wonderful wines, they are both made with a single clone. we are very well known. many >> winemakers> a clonidine is taken off of one of fine. this was brought over from the old world. it mutated a little bit to fit what our environment offers. we have almost 100,000 a. of chardonnay planted in california. >> it is common but the most manipulated. they're using
9:23 am
imperils to give it labor. >> butterscotch, of vanilla. you want to show off the fruit. i think that is where the trend has gone. here we are getting into the fruit profiles of these wines. some of the great wines from the central coast we have the talent. this is 90 percent stainless steel. >> the wine is not stainless steel. the process is stainless steel. >> only 10 per cent coke. >> 10% of the jews was aged in oak. >> you'll taste more of the fruit and less of the barrel. >> it takes a totally different. it is hard to believe that it is the same wine. you are really tasty the grapes.
9:24 am
>> a about a great salad with slices of white peach. you're tasting this and saying, this is one of the greatest things i have had in my life. >> great wineries make fabulous oaks chardonnays. isn't it true that there are places that are using old to take inexpensive grapes and give them the same clifford? >> i cannot dispute that the trend has changed. a lot of other somalis are starters the lights are nate morris and others. you can taste of california can really give you. a lot of different sites. we are really starting to taste of the earth. >> tell us about the ones in the middle. if
9:25 am
>> fred mcgriff for my three sons. he has a winery. it has a great society. it is the rights, fresh and a waterfall. it is integrated and wonderful. same thing with maryville. in what area. it is near napa. this is from the stanley lands. >> for people who do not want her expense. what is a price for a good wine? her >> he right about $20. these three right here are in the $19-$21 range. they are great. and this one is mid- range. a 30-$35. these other
9:26 am
to go up in little bit more. these styles of chardonnay are done in the winter. right now we are in the summer going into the indian summer. fresh fruits and vegetables. >> it is just .... you can check out a lot of these wines and food today at the california wine racks. it is happening as this very building in the grand hall in san francisco. you to go to discover california wine online to discover more information about this event and other things taking place for california wine month. chris, i think you for bringing these delicious or wine >> . coming up much more news sports and weather on the kron4 weekend. cc1:
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> this is a live look outside not:to die in a beautiful start. >> it is going to continue-and 9:29. >> our mount tam cam some low clouds starting to burn off. sunshine expected to out to the bay area it is going to be nice. cool, foggy, clouds. gradually it is going to warm up. currently, 55 degrees and the santa rosa. already in the 60s in antioch. 60 in concord and low 50s for the south bay. the coastal and bay fog is expected to out this morning. not a school in england. with 80s inland. what can we expect for this morning? rcould clearing with upper 80s and sunny
9:30 am
conditions for the bay area. specifics, neighborhood by neighborhood with a seven degrees this afternoon in morgan hill. we are seeing 70's in oakland, hayward and upper 80s allow delta. in the north bay, nice weather with 81 expected in santa rosa and a bit warmer in fairfield. cooler in richmond. only 65 degrees but the warming trend will continue more on your conditions for the rest of this week. thank robbed. robin--the o explosion from last year. residents tell kron 4 that filling up this critter will be one step towards normal sleep. >> for this one past year it symbolize an open wound. >> a lot of pain.
9:31 am
>> unreal. >> it is a constant reminder that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. it is 72 x 26. the san bruno city manager says that it has to remain open so the ntsb can finish its investigation. that of the investigation is complete they're ready to close that crater. >> rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives it is an opportunity to say one more piece for word of recovery. >> the city plans to go forward- with recovery and filling this up and even encouraging members. it is important to go down there and reflect on what happened. >> it will be a return to his sense of normalcy. the community coming back together. >> many people agree that it will be a positive step forward
9:32 am
but filling a hole in the crowd will not fill the void in this community. in san bruno, kron 4 news. >> the investigation continues with an officer involved shooting and san jose. the c h p fired on a pair of suspects in connection with a stolen vehicle in south the san jose. the man on the left was hit in the back and hospitalized with none-life threatening injuries. the man on the right was not injured. they cornered the suspects and a stolen ford mustang. neighbors said they heard several shots after midnight. >> just bang, bang, bang. my husband said that he was awakened first heard shouting. and along the lines of stopped her or something like that. and then the shots, and then pause
9:33 am
and then shots. >> it was scary. it was scary. we do not know what happened to. we just saw a police car with a lot of police coming in and for wondering what was happening. >> the officers were part of our regional taskforce killing that stolen mustang as part of a larger operation in the area. no details on weather or not the suspects were burned or accompanied the officers to shoot. >> in marin county another twist and against naso. he will be representing himself. the judge granted the request he requested a public defender but once he learned he had to pay for one. he changed his mind. he is held for these women's deaths. 1997- 1984. >> new this morning the foreign minister from iran to deal with
9:34 am
these hikers. when shane beaur and josh pattal, their bail motions are going for a five footer thousand dollars each but they need to different judges signatures. there is even a plane on standby. they were hiking along the border with sir shorsarah who has been released >> governor jerry brown has signed two laws to help the budget. additional funding towards hospitals by extending quality insurance fees by hospitals. million. and save
9:35 am
$850 million over the next 30 months. the next would extend a tax on medic al saving the state $300 million. >> a newly released e-mail talking about the loan default of because sylandra's company could damage present obamas reelection efforts. >> the battle for the republican nomination is heating up. top candidates going head-to-head. the latest against mitt romney and rick perry. (cheers & applause) >> if the main event for the gop comes down to work perry and
9:36 am
mature on the stand back! >> just yesterday that massachusetts legacy got worse. >> the health-care plan getting caught up from perry. costing the state of massachusetts 18,000 jobs. >> it is between you and your doctor, killing jobs it is not make any difference if it is pressed washington d.c. or washington it is bad medicine. it needs to be stopped. >> romney is still swinging on the social security with this u.s. a gallup poll on his infamous crack on social security as a ponzi scheme. this will hurt him in a general election. social security is not a ponzi scheme. (cheers & applause) social security has worked for 75 years pretty well. you have
9:37 am
not taken advantage of social security but to contribute to it. >> reporter: . not backing down. >> it is broken. to play into something and pay something that is not going to be in the future. it is a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: michele bachmann grasping. >> whether or not is the obama care or carry-care and a governor or president that mandates a family health care. or even call it wreck rick perr. >> it is interesting to see that they are not career politicians. however, they have lost. >> 8 endorsement from the list telamon from new hampshire's.
9:38 am
>> jon huntsman is experienced, accomplished, then and a pragmatic leader that meets the needs of the u.s. kadded states, now. >> the oldest child of a lung cancer survivor. the tumor was removed in 2003. patrick kennedy thinks that the cancer treatment took quite a toll on her and her heart gave out. >> los gatos based that looks trying to recover. >> a live look outside. gray. but shipping of to be a nice day with warmer conditions. shaping up
9:39 am
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>> and netflix is a pioneer in
9:42 am
the dvd rental business. with increasing competition and losing customer losses could spell trouble. one >> every day millions of these go through the u.s. postal service. a burly, ceo read hastings knew that people want the convenience and a build- order convenience subscription based was set up. when tablets' exploded netflix quickly moved to straining. they always seem to be one step ahead. streaming a debt-however, netflix announced a big hike. $6 additional paramount. the 60% increase for people that wanted the e-mail subscription and also with the streaming capability. stars announced that it ended
9:43 am
its contract pulling its programming from netflix. they should not have that much of an impact of their business. >> they are only dealing with the united states and it is less than 10 percent of our content. it is something that is not a big deal and we are actively looking to replace the starz contact with it ends on march. >> customers not agreeing. they headed for the door. netflix is going to end the quarter with modern 1 million fewer customers than just a few weeks ago. the stock price spliplunged. --plun. they have the maneuverability to remove these problems but space is much more competitive. >> they are facing a marketplace
9:44 am
for they're not the only big in town. comcast, a dish network, on demand, streaming in game and then you have huge tech companies like amazon and google jumping in. what that means for netflix is that of the studio is providing all of this content. the streaming content licensing will rise from $180 million in 2010 to a whopping $1.9 billion. not encouraging for those people hoping for a price rollback. cnn, new york. >> he or something to laugh about it not jan wahl but jeff is speaking. a lot >> you can laugh at me that is okay., jan wahl. and from young frankenstein to harold and maude to defending your life, the rocks. and on stage. the san
9:45 am
francisco international comedy competition. come on back. ♪
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> welcome back. a quick look outside a beautiful day in san francisco with plenty of sunshine. up, >> from the foggy skies to blue skies. >> robin? >> a beautiful picture it was not like like three years ago as predicted it has cleared off with beautiful blue skies through the bay area. often to is going to be beautiful. blue skies and as we progress through this weekend warming increases with fog dissipating. '70s and '80s for the east bay. 80 inland near livermore, the warmer
9:48 am
weather will be of one the delta, the pittsburgh, antioch in places like oakland, richmond will see cooler temperatures but still mice. 68 and, of sunshine in san francisco, warmer and redwood city 79 and 80s through the north bay valleys as well. taking a look at your seven day from the bay the warming trend will continue to this week. very nice for the month of september, a steady increase until wednesday with a slight decrease. 90s along in the inland bays, 70's on the coast. >> good morning, laughter is internal and we need it. so, here comes the san francisco international comedy competition. welcome t jaunt shanti turan, and let us start with her. we take our
9:49 am
ethnic background and a comes out in, the ways. you bring that with you and hopefully use it for comedy. i am from india, i was raised here but my parents are from india. deaths are worried >> the men are pretty dull so we have to entertain ourselves [laughter] >> so you started early? [laughter] >> yes. >> great. >> do you get a lot of support from your family? >> definitely eat. she definitely supports me. it definitely-- >> and what is the typical material? >> telling about my mom because she is totally indian and what she does is tolerance. >> you do the accent? >> she is hilarious-- >> and to speak to my mom and talk about her and imitate her, articulately.
9:50 am
>> she is very protective of me. and who are you with, where are you, it is 7:00 p.m., one of you coming home? [laughter] >> nice. when are you coming home. --and how about you? >> it comes from the struggle of being a white man [laughter] >> and it is so difficult. but it comes from my life. i have had a crazy, crazy life. talking about stories of. >> you and i were raised and talking about listening to lenny bruce, and a great way to learn fearlessness. do you use that type of material? we were watching some politics in your very funny. >> i like to talk about politics but not too heavy because i'm not that smart. but i like to talk about everyday life. which
9:51 am
is not normal i have a pretty weird, dark time so i have to talk about that. >> you were telling me that this entire process could be a fantasy and i am actually wrapped in sheets. >> yes a flashback. the about a comforting thought, thank you, derrik. >> we spoke earlier about having laughter. to cure everything. >> even the sound of laughter from an audience is unbelievable. do have a, q particularly love? i could watch peter o'toole. >> i love the movie " silver streak " it brought amazing comics together to make something hilarious. gene wilder and richard pryor. that
9:52 am
movie is definitely one of my top five. >> is there a woman? the memory of the hanford havfed maria bra >> she is hilarious. i'm going to look for her. >> arsenic and old lace. >> i still love that movie that and network. >> oh my gosh! that is almost like a documentary but it is great. , a dark comedy. >> why me? because you're on television. >> great, really great ones to bring up in here is how you can be part of this san francisco international, the competition. hi ho >>catherine: 32 total comex. from all over. you are from seattle 32-topol stand-up comedians you can learn about
9:53 am
all the comedy competition. that is the place to go. sean -- shanti, and here are some wonderful, these i would recommend. when things are so depressing we need to laugh. my favorite year, harold and mal uade....
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> that is going to wrap things up for us, i am marty gonzales. >> i am isabel, and you can catch up there rest of the news tonight at 9:00 p.m. ♪
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